E Learning

Our comprehensive e learning portfolio has everything from a formal online Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and Safety (IOSH) National General Certificate, Managing Safely, Working Safely, management training as well as health and safety compliance solutions. E learning offers an affordable helping hand to any organisation. Many organisations find it difficult to release employees to attend formal face-to-face training. E learning can be undertaken at a convenient time using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet etc. E learning is self-paced, allows faster delivery to a large number of employees, lower costs than face-to-face delivery and lower environmental impact.

With over 150 Health Safety and well-Being E learning titles – many of those accredited to RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) and IOSH:

We also offer e learning versions of the following courses:

  • Managing Safely (IoSH)
  • Managing Safely Refresher (IoSH)
  • Managing Safely International (IoSH)
  • Working Safely (IoSH)
  • Working Safely (Polish) (IoSH)
  • National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (NEBOSH)
  • International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (NEBOSH)

Click on the following drop down boxes to see the full list of e learning titles.

  • Safety Essentials
    • An Introduction to Basic First Aid
    • An Introduction to Health & Safety at Work (RoSPA)
    • Staying Safe with DSE – An Overview
    • Staying Safe with DSE – Fixed DSE
    • Staying Safe with DSE – Fixed Workstations
    • Staying Safe with DSE – Mobile DSE
    • Fire Prevention and Evacuation (RoSPA)
    • Fire Safety and Evacuation (RoSPA)
    • Fire Safety and Evacuation Refresher (RoSPA)
    • Hand Hygiene - A Video Guide to Effective Hand Washing (RoSPA)
    • RSI - Repetitive Strain Injury (RoSPA)
    • Safe Manual Handling (RoSPA)
    • Safe Manual Handling Refresher (RoSPA)
    • Slips Trips and Falls (RoSPA)
    • Slips Trips and Falls Refresher (RoSPA)
  • Personal Wellbeing
    • Handling Stress at Work – A Guide for Managers (RoSPA)
    • Handling Workplace Stress
    • Handling Violence and Aggression at Work
    • Harassment and Victimisation
    • Lone Worker Types and Typical Risks
    • Lone Working - Hazards and Risks
    • Personal Safety in Other People’s Homes and Premises
    • Preventing Bullying in the Workplace (RoSPA)
  • Practical Safety
    • An Introduction to Managing Health and Safety (RoSPA)
    • An Introduction to Working at Heights (RoSPA)
    • Asbestos Awareness (RoSPA)
    • Asbestos Basics (RoSPA)
    • CDM Regulations 2015 (Updated 2016)
    • COSHH Awareness (RoSPA)
    • Ionising Radiations - A Background (RoSPA)
    • Ionising Radiations - Risk Control (RoSPA)
    • Legionella Awareness
    • Managing Electrical Safety - Controlling Electrical Hazards (RoSPA)
    • Managing Electrical Safety - Identifying High Risk Electrical Hazards (RoSPA)
    • Managing Electrical Safety - Inspection, Test and Maintenance (RoSPA)
    • Managing Electrical Safety - Principles of Electricity and its Effects (RoSPA)
    • Managing Electrical Safety -Live Overhead and Buried Power Lines (RoSPA)
    • Non-ionising Radiations (RoSPA)
    • Protecting the Environment at Work and Home (RoSPA)
    • Risk Assessment for Managers (RoSPA)
    • Staying Safe in Confined Spaces (RoSPA)
    • Staying Safe with Electricity (RoSPA)
    • Staying Safe with Hazardous Substances (RoSPA)
    • Staying Safe with Noise (RoSPA)
    • Working at Height - Scaffold and Scaffold Towers (RoSPA)
    • Working at Height with Access Equipment, Ladders and Stepladders (RoSPA)
    • Working at Heights Roofs and Fragile Surfaces (RoSPA)
  • Staying Safe with Transport
    • Managing Workplace Transport Health and Safety Risks (RoSPA)
    • Safe Working with Workplace Transport (RoSPA)
  • Staying Safe with Food
    • Allergic and Food Intolerant Customers
    • Food Safety Essentials (RoSPA)
    • Food Safety in Catering
  • Safety Risk Assessments
    • DSE and Workstation Safety Risk Assessment
    • Introduction to Risk Assessment (RoSPA)
    • Manual Handling Risk Assessment
    • Repetitive Strain Injuries Risk Assessment
    • Slips, Trips and Falls Risk Assessment
    • Stress in the Workplace Risk Assessment

    We also have a huge portfolio of other e learning relating to Legislation and Ethics, Working with Others, Improving Work Performance, e bytes (short animated videos) and Health and Social Care topics. We have something for everyone:

  • Legislation and Ethics
    • A Guide to GDPR
    • A Quick Guide to GDPR
    • An Introduction to Alcohol Licensing
    • An Overview of the Data Protection Act 1998
    • Avoiding and Dealing with Age Discrimination
    • Avoiding and Dealing with Disability Discrimination
    • Avoiding and Dealing with Gender Reassignment Discrimination
    • Avoiding and Dealing with Race Discrimination
    • Avoiding and Dealing with Religious or Belief Discrimination
    • Avoiding and Dealing with Sex Discrimination
    • Avoiding and Dealing with Sexual Orientation Discrimination
    • Cyber Risk – Introduction to Cyber Security
    • Diversity, Equality and Discrimination
    • Equal Opportunities in the Workplace - Parents in Employment
    • Flexible Working
    • Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002
    • Freedom of Information Act 2000
    • GDPR Awareness
    • Information Governance
    • Modern Slavery
    • Money Laundering
    • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
    • Principled Business: Ethical and Ethic
    • Right To Work and Right to Work Game
    • The Bribery Act 2010: Identifying and Avoiding Bribery in Organisations
  • Working with Others
    • A Background to Body Language
    • An Introduction to Listening
    • Becoming a Better Listener
    • Removing the Barriers to Listening
    • Silent Selling - Using Body Language in Sales
    • Silent Speech - Understanding Body Language
    • Unproductive Questions
    • Using Body Language in the Workplace
    • Using Open and Closed Questions
    • Using Probing Questions
    • Why are Questions Important?

  • Improving Work Performance
    • An Introduction to Time Management
    • An Overview of Performance Appraisal
    • Attracting Candidates and Producing Job Advertisements
    • Creating SMARTER Objectives
    • Delegation
    • Delivering Presentations
    • Equal Opportunities in the Workplace: Recruitment & Selection
    • Introduction to Meetings and Meeting Types
    • Introduction to Negotiation
    • Job Analysis, Job Descriptions and Person Specifications
    • Negotiating Strategies 1 - Strategy Basics
    • Negotiating Strategies 2 - Psychological Strategies
    • Ongoing Appraisal
    • Organising and Running Effective Meetings
    • Preparing for Presentations
    • Preparing for the Appraisal
    • Right to Work
    • Shortlisting Candidates and Selection Techniques
    • SMARTER Objectives for Managers
    • The Appraisal Discussion
    • The Importance of Setting Goals in Time Management
    • The Recruitment Process - An Overview
    • The Role of the Coach
    • Time Management: Deciding Your Priorities
    • Time Management: Managing Disruption and Keeping Focused
    • Time Management: Planning and Scheduling
    • Understanding and Handling Meeting Behaviour
  • Health and Social Care

    We have the following titles available with more coming soon.

    • Child Neglect
    • Duty of Care
    • Safeguarding Adults
    • Understanding Your Role in Health and Social Care

    E learning can be purchased as a fully integrated Learning Management System (cloud or hosted), on a pay per use arrangement, block booking without specifying courses or as a licence arrangement with no maximum number of sign on to e learning per employee.

    Give us a call to discuss your requirements. Whether you are a small start-up company or a large multi-national we have a solution for you to help with your compliance and employee training.

  • eBytes

    eBytes are an exciting new range of short 2 minutes and sweet animated videos created by our Partners Learning Nexus. The majority of our eBytes are presented by our friendly 'monsters', making the course content engaging and enjoyable.

    This micro-learning style content will brush off the cobwebs off from a range of your skills, ensuring your time management is tip top, improving your knowledge of scary cyber-crime and much, much more.

    • A Quick Guide to GDPR – explains the latest GDPR legislation
    • All By Myself - introduces you to lone workers and explains lone working
    • Cover All Bases – how to ensure your passwords are protected
    • Do Not Disturb – how to get some peace by minimising interruptions
    • Easy Street – the easy way to manage difficult people
    • End of the Line – explains how DoS attacks can disrupt networks
    • Get the Picture – how to inspire creativity within your team
    • Get to the Point – how to avoid the frustration of yes/no answers
    • Gone Phishin’ – get armed with the necessary weapons to fight phishing attacks
    • In Safe Hands – introducing you to the Security League who combat cyber crime
    • In the Nick of Time – introducing the Cyber Attackers crime gang
    • It’s a Knockout – identify conflicts within your team and ways to resolve them
    • Listen Up – how to open up your ears and listen effectively
    • On Guard! – introducing you to the murky world of system attacks
    • On The Face of It - explains body language
    • Own Your Email – how to minimise the distraction of emails by taking control
    • Project Pie-orities – cook up the winning formula for project management
    • Safety in Numbers – how to create strong passwords to prevent cyber attackers
    • The Good, the Bad and the Angry - how to deal with difficult customers
    • To Do or Not To Do – the importance of ensuring your to-do tasks are relevant
    • Tough Love – how to spot poor performance
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If you would like a demonstration or to request a brochure – give Garland Safety a call on 07960170798 or Request Information on the please get in touch

  • Safety Risk Assessments- E Learning

    We have the following titles:

    • DSE and Workstation Safety Risk Assessment
    • Introduction to Risk Assessment (RoSPA)
    • Manual Handling Risk Assessment
    • Repetitive Strain Injuries Risk Assessment
    • Slips, Trips and Falls Risk Assessment
    • Stress in the Workplace Risk Assessment

    Garland Safety have extensive experience assisting the risk assessment process including stress risk assessment strategies. Psychological hazards in the workplace affect people differently. What stresses one person may be seen as a challenge to another.

    HSE defines stress as ‘the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them’. Factors such as age, skills, disability, experience or non-work pressures may affect whether an employee can cope. HSE have defined 6 areas which can affect work related stress levels:

    • Demands
    • Control
    • Support
    • Relationships
    • Role
    • Change

    Give us a call to see how we can help you to become health and safety compliant.

Learning Management Systems

Our Learning Management Systems offers compliance in regulatory “hard compliance” together with “soft compliance” on areas such as leadership and negotiation. Soft skills may be non-compulsory and harder to measure but they are essential to support behavioural change. With over 150 e learning courses and e-bytes (short videos), this offers a comprehensive learning solution. There are a number of other helpful features to help you manage, report and track offline training such as:
In addition, the risk assessment module allows you to:

  • Create, edit and deploy custom risk assessments and use pre-built assessments
  • Monitor the results of the assessments at individual risk level
  • Automate reporting of risk assessments to line managers and supervisors
  • Annotate actions taken that mitigate the risks identified by the individual
  • Automate periodic re-assessment according to the frequency

Our Partners Learning Nexus offer a choice of two cost effective LMS solutions; the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) which is a Moodle based platform, or the sophisticated Totara Learn platform. Each has its own benefits and no matter what choice you make, we will deliver a LMS to suit your needs. Our Totara Learn Platform can be integrated with major enterprise single sign on (SSO) standards and allows for an improved user experience. These are some of the functions available.

  • Scheduled face-to-face activities
  • Self-service online booking
  • Events added to calendars
  • Tracking of enrolment and attendance
  • Room management functionality to avoid double booking
  • Waiting list system for fully booked sessions
  • Attendance at events marked by trainers
  • Automated, customisable notifications to alert learners and managers of booking confirmations, updates and reminders
  • Recording of evidence from on-line activities
  • Additions of required prior learning

If you are looking for a single course or an extremely cost-effective enterprise licence where your employees can have unlimited access to all titles and e-bytes with no additional add on costs? Prices are extremely competitive, a no obligation demonstration can be arranged. please get in touch

If you would like a brochure which outlines the full benefits of our LMS options or would like a demonstration, give us a call on 07960170798 or complete the please get in touch

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  • Customised or Bespoke e learning

    Garland Safety can offer bespoke customised e learning through our partners at Learning Nexus. Customised e-learning offers a tailored solution designed specifically for your exact need and audience. The concept of bespoke e-learning is to provide your earners with an authentic experience using your organisations branding and tone of voice to deliver an engaging and interactive experience.

    Bespoke e-learning can offer gamified learning (using games in to earning to engage learners), company videos, story boards to get across your message in an effective way.

    If you would like to discuss with us the message you are conveying or what you hope to achieve give us a call on 07960170798 or complete the Contact Us on the bottom of the website. Our Partners will have a no obligation chat and can send you a brochure of their extensive portfolio and share with you the positive results.

    Our curated content e-learning can also be branded to look and feel like your organisations own product. In partnership with Learning Nexus we also offer full Learning Management Systems hosted or cloud based.

  • Face to Face Health and Safety Training

    Garland Safety offer bespoke face-to-face health and safety training delivered at your workplace or convenient training venue. Rather than have a list of courses we can deliver, we would rather develop something specific that meets your requirements. It may be training for Senior Management, Representatives of Employee Safety, employees, trainees or a bespoke induction or new health and safety management system roll-out. We will develop something that suits your business requirements and budget with the minimum of down time and at a venue that suits. This may be on your premises or an off-site venue.

    Let us know how we can be of assistance.

Face to face Computer Skills Training

We now offer Microsoft Computer Skills Training through our experienced Computer Training Consultant. We offer:

Windows – versions 7, 8 and 10 (and all versions of Microsoft Office)

Word – basic
Word – intermediate
Word – advanced

Powerpoint – basic
Powerpoint – advanced

Project – basic
Project – advanced

One Note

Access – basic
Access – intermediate
Access – advanced

Microsoft Publisher

Courses can be delivered at a venue to suit or on your premises. We provide courses for groups of up to 12 people or 1:1 masterclass across Scotland and North of England. Course outlines are listed however if you wish to proceed with training we will discuss your specific requirements in detail prior to the delivery of any course. This will include course duration, timings, on your premises or off-site and agree on a cost-effective solution for you. We can deliver one of courses or regular training. Garland Safety have significant experience in delivering major roll outs of new computer software packages across Scotland including Highlands and Islands.

  • Risk Assessment

    We can assist you with the risk assessment process. This includes:

    • When do I need to undertake a risk assessment?
    • Tailored face to face risk assessment training
    • What are my highest risks (risk profiing)?
    • Help set up Risk Assessment Groups and
    • Helping you to be health and safety compliant

    We also have a range of risk assessment e learning courses than can compliment any face to face training or support the training of risk assessment group delegates :

    • Create, edit and deploy custom risk assessments and use pre-built assessments
    • Monitor the results of the assessments at individual risk level
    • Automate reporting of risk assessments to line managers and supervisors
    • Annotate actions taken that mitigate the risks identified by the individual
    • Automate periodic re-assessment according to the frequency

    If you would like a brochure which outlines the full benefits of our LMS options or would like a demonstration, give us a call on 07960170798 or complete the “get in touch” form at the bottom of the web page.

    Contact us

  • Competent Person Service

    Garland Safety can offer a Service level agreement “Competent Person Service”. If you employ more than 5 people, you must get help from a competent person to help you meet the health and safety law requirements.

    A competent person is someone who has sufficient training and experience or knowledge that can help you stay on top of health and safety law and best practice in your industry. This can reduce the health and safety risk within your organisation.

    Some organisations do not have a requirement for a full or part-time health and safety professional to fulfil this role. We have a commitment offering that suits your budget and is proportionate business size/risk exposure, business type etc. We can help you with all or some of the offerings listed on the Garland Safety website. Our service is completely bespoke and can be scaled up or down dependent on your requirements. We offer a low cost monthly fee with only 30days notice (on either side) to terminate an arrangement. This allows you to have full flexibility with low commitment unlike many other providers.

  • Display Screen Equipment Assessments

    We can undertake Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessments at your place of work where you are requiring some additional assistance or are looking for recommendations for workstation peripherals.

    This may be a return to work following an absence or an employee experiencing musculoskeletal difficulties. We also have e learning that can compliment any face-to-face assessments. For using DSE we have the following e learning courses available:

    • Staying Safe with DSE – An Overview
    • Staying Safe with DSE – Fixed DSE
    • Staying Safe with DSE – Fixed Workstations
    • Staying Safe with DSE – Mobile DSE

    Contact us

  • Accident Reporting/Investigation

    When an accident/incident takes place in the workplace it can very distressing for the individual concerned, management and other employees alike. Garland Safety are here to help you through the maze of “Do I have to report this the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or Environmental Health”? We can assist with accident/incident investigation and help you to develop strategies to prevent a recurrence. Garland Safety can help with reporting accidents and support you through any follow up with enforcers of health and safety HSE or Environmental Health.

    Contact us

  • Health and Safety Policy Development

    Garland Safety can assist you with developing your Health and Safety Policy (required of you employ over 5 people), Policies, procedures, guidance, inspection checklists, risk assessment format, health and safety management system, forms etc. These will be written in plain English, branded and tailored to your business requirements and appropriate to your business complexity or risks faced.

  • Health and Safety Audits/Inspections

    You may require a bespoke health and safety audit to assess how your health and safety management system is working, topic specific audit i.e. asbestos or develop a workplace inspection regime?

    Let us know how we can help.

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