eFusion solutions knows the key to solving any problem, is to know what the problem really is. Efusion Central provides complete visibility to your landscape, whether it be in the on-premise or the Cloud.

With eFusion Central product, users can

  • Cloud – Complete visibility to all systems running in your environment (on-prem & Cloud)
  • Usually a small change in a systems such as SAP requires heavy customization which costs time and money, A LOT of money
    • In the end, most companies will look for cheap alternatives – is there a better user interface? They get products running in the cloud and try to integrate both of them together. EFC (Efusion Centeral) can help with the integration/connection, AND we have a way to easily monitor it
  • Transparency, efficiency
  • Easy to understand dashboard, with live chat capabilities
  • eFusion Central provides a quick and easy to understand snapshot of the health of your environment. The tool combines both infrastructure and application data into one easy, consolidated dashboard.
  • Gives users deep insight into problems within their environment, interfacing problems. So users are able to find and fix it for quick resolutions.
  • Fully customizable to meet the unique needs of our wide array of customers.
  • Ties in to both knowledge management and a ticketing system.
  • Offers preventative issue resolution to help users resolve minor issues before they avalanche into major problems
  • Allows you to drill down data to pinpoint problem in seconds, so you can find a solution and move on…..
    • Minutes instead of hours