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Value Proposition,
Why are we doing this ?

  • BI/HANA Services.
    • We provided highly effective SAP certified professionals.
  • Cloud Services.
    • Outsource your problems to us. Let our highly specialized Cloud experts migrate your environment into the cloud. eFusion can cut your costs and time by helping you maintain a hybrid environment.
  • Get an instant snapshot of your entire landscape.
    • EFusion provides deep insights to your business systems and helps you stay on top of the flow of data in the Cloud.

do we do

  • Customer problem:
    Data – not clean and organized to be analyzed in an effective way.

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  • Get infrastructure on a server managed completely by us, end client doesn’t have to worry at all.

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  • The “plumbing” that connects the meaningful data to the affordable landscape.

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Success Stories


Why are we the best?

  • Deep cloud expertise – both from Infrastructure and Applications perspective
  • Deep industry knowledge across multiple industries
  • Gives us credibility
  • Certified SAP professionals
  • Everyone one of our staff members are seasoned consultants, that have been providing
    services in a variety of verticals
  • Partnerships
  • Live support – We have 24 X 7 support, can support in all time zones. We provide highly
    specialized support resources that can take on any of our clients support needs.
  • Highly competitive pricing, compared to most service providers