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Using our knowledge and experience of marketing strategy development and marketing planning, we focus on working with our clients to get the upfront thinking right and to develop marketing strategies and implementable marketing plans to deliver sustainable improvements in business results. Developing successful marketing strategies with supporting go-to-market plans is the core of what we do and it’s how we add most value for our clients. Drawing on our own hands-on experience as marketers and borrowing from academically recognised best-practice, we have our own proven and robust approach to developing effective marketing strategies and marketing plans to successfully apply on behalf of our clients in different industries and market sectors. A common trap that many organisations fall into is getting “stuck into” doing marketing activity before they have a clear plan of what they want to achieve and why. At the same time, the majority of marketing agencies do not adopt a strategic approach to the marketing planning process. They focus solely on the execution elements of marketing communications, be it advertising, PR, design, telemarketing, DM or print – this is the easy bit! The difficult bit is getting your thinking sharp and clear about your whole market and customer proposition before you get into execution mode. The evidence from extensive experience is clear: better business results will always be delivered if you take a step back, develop a clear marketing strategy and support the strategy with a robust and rigorously executed marketing plan. This is the way we work at BIZINT.


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A crucial element of what we do at Bizint Marketing Solutions is ensuring that we get our thinking right at the beginning of the development of a clear marketing strategy for our client. Once we have a clear understanding of the required strategic direction for our client, we then set about developing robust marketing plans through a rigorous Marketing Planning process to achieve the strategic objectives. Whilst strategic planning steers the overall direction of a business, marketing planning focuses on achieving these strategic objectives. A strong, clear marketing plan can make the difference between successfully achieving a company’s strategic objectives – or not. We therefore use our experience and expertise to develop a meaningful, relevant and – above all else – useful plan whose implementation will achieve the strategic objectives. So what’s makes a good marketing plan?

A solid understanding of where you are now and how you got here. We achieve this understanding by carrying out a full situational analysis of your key products, sales and strategic markets. We would then use this understanding to develop appropriate, achievable and measurable marketing objectives. In turn, we develop these objectives into strategies to ensure the successful achievement of these objectives. We won’t bury our creative thinking in jargon but we will provide you with a clear, concise plan. You can either choose to implement the entire plan yourself or we can help you with implementation too.


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Just what is an Integrated Marcoms Strategy and how can it help to grow your business? Firstly, Marcoms – or Marketing Communications – means every communication you have with your customer, be it an advertising campaign, a sales brochure, a new website or even a new business card. It’s still surprising how many companies produce every piece of communication as a stand-alone item, bearing no relation to any other piece of communication. The result is a diluted brand image, a confused customer – and a missed opportunity. Integrating – or making sure all your communications fit together to carry the same message – is a key way of reinforcing your brand image and maximising the impact of every contact point you have with your customers. It sounds easy, but getting it right can prove more difficult. How can we help? Firstly, we can identify the correct marketing communications channels to help you achieve your strategic objectives. We can then develop the right message and then integrate that message into every communication you have with your customers.


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No matter how small your business, your corporate identity or “BRAND” influences the opinion of your customers and potential customers about your business. When they read your advertising, receive your brochure or visit your website they will take away messages about your company. In most cases, you will not be there to make sure that they get the “right” message so it’s crucial that your branding does the “right” job for you. Developing and maintaining a brand and corporate image is not necessarily difficult or complicated. It is about getting a few simple things right:

Your brand image should be simple, easy to understand and consistent across everything that you do – ensuring that this image is reinforced every time a customer comes into contact with your company.
Your brand should provide a “promise” to your customers that your company is then capable of delivering – if you’re an established, straightforward business then don’t try to develop a funky innovative brand image that is out of touch with what you do and the way that you do it.
It’s important to remember that developing a brand is much more than just an attractive new logo and that you don’t always need a new logo to create an effective brand. Bizint Marketing Solutions can help you capture what your branding is about and the reason why your customers buy from you. We’ll then use this to develop a brand identity that can be used in all your marketing materials and across your business to ensure that you deliver your brand promise to your customers.


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An effective Digital Marketing Strategy is now unarguably an essential component of the overall marketing strategy for all businesses. Working with our clients as a Digital Marketing Consultancy, we see that many smaller companies have yet to fully understand and exploit the potential of internet and online marketing as a sales channel and as a business development tool, particularly in business-to-business markets. The customers of most businesses are increasingly using the Internet as their primary source of research. Bizint Marketing Solutions has extensive experience acting as an online, digital marketing consultancy working with small and medium sized companies, helping them grows their business through successful online marketing activity. We help our clients develop and implement their internet marketing strategy, from helping our clients to go online with their first website through to manage, the re launch of large scale e-commerce websites. As with all marketing activities, we believe that your online and digital marketing must start with strategy. What is the purpose of your website? Is it simply a “brochure site” to support offline marketing or is a sales channel in its own right? Is it a resource for existing customers or a recruitment channel for new clients? Does your finance department regard it as a cost or as an investment? Getting your online and digital marketing strategy right is the first step in deciding how to market your business online. We can help you to decide how to allocate resources for your company, including Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Marketing and offline marketing activity to support your online strategy. A well-constructed online marketing strategy will contain all of these channels. The Internet allows businesses of any size to reach a huge audience of potential customers in an incredibly cost-effective way. Small businesses can look just as capable and professional on the Internet as major multi-nationals. As Digital Marketing Consultants we can help your organisation get your Internet marketing strategy and investment right and this can be instrumental in driving your business success.


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Many small to medium-sized companies fully understand the need to develop the marketing of their business but are unclear as to the return on investment that will be delivered by establishing a dedicated in-house marketing team. As a result it is frequently the owners and directors of these companies that end up “doing the marketing” on top of their many other responsibilities. Bizint Marketing Solutions can provide a measurable and scalable value for money solution to this “problem”. We can act as your company’s “outsourced marketing department”, providing effective project management to deliver all your marketing and communication needs and – just like an in-house marketing department – we’ll be there to answer your questions, give advice and provide the professional expertise you require. This enables you to measure the success of your marketing activity and the return on your investment without the fixed employment costs associated with establishing your own team. Our expertise and experience across the full range of marketing activity enables us to deliver an integrated and one-stop solution. If required, we can take care of all your marketing activity, ensuring that every aspect of your campaigns work in harmony and deliver the results your business needs. Let us act as your outsourced marketing management team and this will leave you free to focus on where you add most value in the company – on all the other business critical activities that need your focus and attention.


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We recognize that not all clients require on-going marketing support but may need extra marketing support for a specific project. We can complement your existing marketing team with additional resource or expertise as and when you require it. Our breadth and depth of marketing experience means that we can bring best practice and new thinking as a valuable additional resource when you need it most. This might be for a strategic review, a new product launch or the development of a specific online marketing campaign. We can tailor the nature of the project management to your requirements as part of a wider strategic activity or as a stand-alone service.


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Undertaking a structured audit of your sales and marketing activities is not often top of our clients ‘to do list’ and, when questioned, it’s clear that the value that can be delivered from the marketing audit process is not clearly understood. However, our experience as consultants has clearly shown that an effective marketing audit is essential to the development of an effective marketing strategy. As a result, Marketing Audit Analysis forms a key part of the way we work with our customers. A sound, in-depth marketing audit analysis will provide a solid basis for any subsequent strategic development. If you get it wrong at this stage, your whole strategic marketing development could head off in the wrong direction. That’s why we’ve developed a simple yet highly effective way for you to carry out a quick and easy analysis of your current marketing activity.