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At Bizint we offer a range of facilities management packages to commercial buildings of all sizes in Essex, Kent, London and other areas in the United Kingdom.

This is a wide field with a diverse range of responsibilities, which are dependant on the structure and size of the organisation. Facilities managers are involved in both strategic planning and day-to-day operations, particularly in relation to buildings and premises.

We provide a range of services that can be implemented into businesses to suit their corporate image to clients and staff and ensure their building’s facilities function correctly, effectively and efficiently.


  • – Mechanical and Electrical Services
  • – Security
  • – Cleaning
  • – Catering
  • – Health and Safety
  • – Waste Management
  • – Pest Control
  • – Reception, Mail Room and Help Desk

We cover several departments, as well as central services that link to all the teams in the organisation. In smaller companies, duties may include more practical and hands-on tasks.

Many facilities management professionals are employed on a consultancy basis, contracted to manage some or all of these activities by a client organisation.

  • Facility Management options:
  • * Full outsourcing – Contracting a business function to someone else.
  • * Joint management – The overseeing and control of affairs of an organisation shared by two or more people.
  • * Individual services

Bizint offers bespoke prices for all Facility Management services and seek your authorisation on all cost limits before any service or maintenance work takes place. Our costs are realistic based upon the high level of service that we provide. Regular negotiation on facilities, stock items and service provision is part of our approved contractor scheme.

For further information about our Facility Management Solution please contact us today.